Vigilant : DisunityDustin GeorgeJohn 17:20-23
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February 26, 2017 - Morning Service
If you do not have unity with God, it will be impossible to have unity with one another.  Part 4 of the series, "Vigilant."

Vigilant : The WorldDustin George1John 5:19
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February 19, 2017 - Morning Service
Satan may be the ruler the world, but Jesus overcame the world.  Part 3 of the series, "Vigilant."

Vigilant : The FleshDustin GeorgeGalatians 5:16-25
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February 12, 2017 - Morning Service
Pastor Dustin talks about the enemy that is closest to us, our flesh.  Part 2 of the series, "Vigilant."

Vigilant : SatanDustin George1Peter 5:8-9
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February 5, 2017 - Morning Service
Satan seeks to destroy what God is doing in the world and in your life.  However, you do have a defense!  Part 1 of the sermon series, "Vigilant."