Desperate For BoldnessDustin GeorgeActs 4:8-31
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September 29, 2019 - Morning Service
Because God goes before us and stands with us, we should be bold in standing for Him.  Part 7 of the series, "Desperate."

Desperate For RestorationDustin GeorgeRomans 8:18-25
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September 22, 2019 - Morning Service
As followers of Christ, we are new in Him and continually long to be more like Him.  Part 6 of the series, "Desperate."

Desperate For The SpiritDustin GeorgeGalatians 5:16-26
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September 15, 2019 - Morning Service
Even after we become a Christian, the flesh, our sinful habits remain.  However, God has given us the Holy Spirit to help us combat our old self and pursue Christlikeness.  Part 5 of the series, "Desperate."

Desperate For The GospelDustin George
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September 8, 2019 - Morning Service
The cross stands at the center of our faith, and is a beacon to all who need salvation.  Part 4 of the series, "Desperate."

Desperate For BrokennessDustin GeorgeIsaiah 57:15
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September 1, 2019 - Morning Service
Brokenness is a lifestyle of agreeing with and surrendering to God's view of all things.  Part 3 of the series, "Desperate."

Desperate For PrayerDustin GeorgeActs 1:14
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August 25, 2019 - Morning Service
Pastor Dustin preaches on the importance for prayer not only privately, but corporately as well.  Part 2 of the series, "Desperate."

Desperate For TruthDustin George1Peter 2:2-3
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August 18, 2019 - Morning Service
Do you have a desperate need and desire for the truth that is found in God's Word?  Part 1 of the series, "Desperate."