What We Believe

Our Purpose — “Glorify God.”

The overarching purpose for the Church is to glorify God by knowing him and making him known. We know God by being unified with Christ in salvation and being transformed into his likeness. As we grow, God makes us more and more like Jesus and less and less like ourselves. We make God known to those around us by the way we live our lives and by taking and making opportunities to share with others the salvation found only in Christ (Matthew 28:18).

Our Mission — “Following Jesus. Growing together.”

The mission of a church is the way that God desires a local faith family to carry out the overall purpose of bringing him glory. At Easthaven, we express this mission by “Following Jesus. Growing Together.” We follow Christ, and in doing so, we grow with each other in becoming more like him as we grow in unity.

Our Values 

As we seek to follow Jesus and grow together, we focus on five values:

Worship…God by honoring him above all.

Connect…with others in a group setting to better understand the Bible and to pray together.

Give…generously and sacrificially.

Serve…selflessly following Christ’s example.

Go…make disciples.           

Each value is a key area in which we rely upon God’s power to follow him in obedience and to be shaped into the image of Christ.