Missions Ministry

My Availability…HIS ABILITY…Their Accesibility

This is the essence of Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8. We must be available and obedient to pray, to give and to go. We must understand that our availability and obedience enables HIS ABILITY which gives us all we need to pray, to give and to go. Their accessibility (the accessibility of all peoples in all places - geographically, culturally, socio-economically), is their privilege and opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel and is intrinsically linked to our availability and obedience.


Mission Giving
EBC joins with thousands of Southern Baptist churches to support missions causes around the nation and around the world. A percentage of our undesignated budget receipts are given to the Cooperative Program. Of that amount a portion goes to the ministry of the Lincoln Baptist Association and the remainder to Cooperative Program ministries around our state, nation, and world. In addition we emphasize and give to the annual offerings for State Missions, North American Missions and International Missions.

The channel for individuals to give to missions above and beyond their tithes is EBC’s One $ent Global Missions Offering. The goal is to give one penny out of every dollar of take-home pay but to begin, give what you are able to give. When we give regularly and consistently to missions, we will find it easier to give and will give more. Global Missions gifts supplement our gifts to the annual offerings mentioned above and is the source for direct giving to various missions projects and support for volunteers serving from our church.


Missions Opportunities
EBC seeks to provide opportunities throughout the year for individuals and groups to get involved in missions projects. Some of these take place in the context of the Missions Organizations. Others may be an age-group or church-wide emphasis.


Easthaven is blessed to have individuals serving in Honduras and East Asia as well as having a partnership with Hands Of Hope in West Virginia and Grace Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV.  Projects are planned regularly to provide opportunities to serve in these areas. In addition local and area projects are planned throughout the year.